Swap Competition Tungsten Jig Nymph Swap

Jeff Dodd

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Phew. Done and yes I am slow.

CDC pheasant tail with copper bead. +1 with gold bead for swap master.

6 turns lead wire, wire rib! Wire hurl brush and tungsten bead. HEAVY.

I switched to dubbing the CDC in split thread to eliminate the CDC stem. My first time using this method and it really is handy.

Allen jig hook, 12
Brown thread
Copper wire rib
Flashabou flash back
Pheasant tail, red
Pearl flat braid wing case
Peacock herl brush thorax



Indi "Ira" Jones
Mine shipped out today. I tied a red rubber legged nymph and my variation of a black Bloody Mary. Neither really have names. Both have hooked trout and steelhead. The non rubber legs one has worked well in lakes for me.

Thomas Williams

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The rest of the flies came in today, just dropped them all back at the post office they are headed your way! Ill get some pics posted up this weekend of the lineup! Thanks everyone for taking the time to do the jig nymphs. When I fish these nymphs I rarely lose fish. Its always buttoned right on the upper lip.
Can't wait to see the flies. I have hosted several swaps and it's a gas. The face to face swaps are really fun because you get to meet members you know only via the forum. Definitely think about hosting one. It's also a great way to see different patterns up close and personal. I have a box full of swapped flies that I have never fished. Some day soon I'll have to go through them and sort them into categories so I can try them out. I think these will go right into the fly bo for the river.

Jeff Dodd

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Yea, I cut the barbs off a feather and stuck the base into the split thread, then gave them a spin. They didn't turn out perfect but I thought they were better than the stem getting into the thread wraps.

If anyone has a fly with white stem showing, my apologies!

I need practice with the split thread technique. Send any pointers my way please.

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