Blackpowder clubs/ranges

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Hey Ron, Gusher Pizza (think that's the place) has all you can eat on either Wed. or Thursday. Usually spagetti, for cheap! They're on Dunraven.
Alex, I'll be helping out at the fly shop at the Campfire Resort between Hebgen and Quake Lakes. I'll be hitting the Pizza place. Fortunately for the All You Can Eat places, I no longer have the appetite I had when I was jumping outta planes and shit. Getting old sucks and ain't fer sissies.

bbrech, always glad to have another Vet here. Let me add my welcome home as well.


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If you manage to get over to the E side my neighbor has a muzzle loader range set up on their property. I could take you over and shoot if interested