New rod and Two reels

Let me start with SORRY. I can't down load pictures to this site, just doesn't work.
Just got a bamboo 7'2" 2wt from Troutcreek on this site, what a rod in hand, I need to get a line. But I couldn't be happier. Then on the same day I got two reels from Tightline fly reels. One reel is hubless and the other has a brake handle to use. Thought it wold be neat to try out. The quality and workmanship of the rod and reels are top notch. If you are interested in a bamboo rod that Troutcreek is selling or a reel from Tightline, I would get it. Tightline has a web site. And no I don't work for either one of them, just e-mail and on the phone. Both have gone way out of the way for me. Wish I had pictures. Thanks John

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Congratulations. Based on Troutcreek's other work posted on this site I'm sure the rod is very nice.

The reels are certainly interesting. I think you mentioned these reels when we went to the Skagit Bamboo Spey gathering. I like the Bickerdyke style line guard on the S series reels. This was used most recently on some of Ari Hart's designs, before that the JW Young Valdex and before that some late 1800's Hardy reels as well as some other early English fly and trotting reels.


Rob Ast

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Grrr, another cool piece of equipment I'm going to need to keep from purchasing. Let us know how those reels feel. For that price they look like a sweet deal.
It will be a bit till I get out, but the workmanship is dead on. Really want to see how the one with the brake works. To me if you lift the handle it just puts enough pressure on the spool so it won't back lash. Not hard enough to stop a fish, but we will see.
Congratulations John, sounds like you will be having some fun on the skinny water this summer. Be sure to bring your new toys along when you stop by next time.

John stopped by today and showed me his new rod and reels. I have to compliment Troutcreek on his craftsmanship, the rod looks very nice. We didn't have a chance to cast a line but I hope to have a chance when John and I can meet on some skinny water this summer.

The reels are unique, especially the one with the lever brake. The fit and finish look real nice. I'll be interested in what John has to report after he gets them lined up and on a rod.