Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

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Patrick, a person can't use PTSD as an excuse for lack of honor. I've found one thing about all the soldiers I've dealt with (some with SEVERE PTSD) is that they always stand by their word. A conman is a conman, no matter what uniform he/she wears for that day. But I've seen people self destruct from PTSD over screwing over a countryman. So that excuse doesn't fly with me.
I'm with you Jerry. PTSD and family troubles are no excuse for lying and scamming people for fly fishing gear. Lying about service and family troubles are pretty low.

Jerry Daschofsky

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This has nothing to do with any of that. If you're comfortable with deceit, it's a way of life. If you're honorable, it's a way of life. We need not continue making excuses and offering up acronyms in place of responsibility for our actions and behavior.
Hopefully it isn't a thing of deceit. I'm hoping it's just a miscommunication of some sort.
Well, since I haven't been on in awhile, let me straighten any rumors before they get out of hand as happened in the past. First off, yes I am the disabled vet both mentally and physically. I believe I was getting back into tying and a gentleman from West Slope fly shop I believe sent me some materials as did a few other people. Shortly after there was a young kid starting out and I decided to pay forward some materials to him as I had received more materials than I was looking for. I had also received some materials from friends on another forum. At that point, I sold some of the stuff from the other site and paid forward some stuff I received from here and next thing you know acquzations were being made.

Secondly, the 7wt. outfit. After I had talked to Sam I ended up falling down my cement stairs after smoking and then standing up to fast. I already suffer from a severe back injury and made it worst when I fell. I went to the VAMC the next morning when I could not get out of bed and had to have a small operation to remove bone spurs that were caused by the fall. As far as this site saying I'm on, I have it set so it never logs me off so, it always shows that I am on. As soon as I returned home I contacted Sam and appoligized and also returned his money as I am limited to where I can go because of my back. I am an honest guy but sometimes stuff just happens outside of my control and as much stuff as I buy and sell on this sight and a few others, one or two incidences while unfortunate is exeptable I guess. I hope this nips this in the butt before it goes any further. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.



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Scott, please quit the grits or whatever else you smoke, this is something you control.
What right do you have to tell Scott what to do (smoking or otherwise)? I'm pretty sure a grown man (and disabled veteran at that) can make his own decisions.....

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I want to know what being a veteran has to do with anything! You should never use your service as a tool to manipulate people into giving you money or goods. Its dishonorable and pathetic. You may as well go stand next to the freeway with a cardboard sign and some BDU's. I have friends who died in combat and being a veteran of two wars myself I take offense this this type of behavior. I dont know any actual veterans who would use there military credentials to get anything other than a good job!


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I dont know any actual veterans who would use there military credentials to get anything other than a good job!
I know you didn't mean it this way, but I'm a Vietnam Vet and I've used my DD214 to get GI Bill benefits and to get health care benefits from the VA. I also use it to get a 10% discount at Lowe's. I initially felt a bit guilty about it, then my brother asked me "How much money did you get paid the first full year you were in the military?" I said, according to my Social Security statement, "$1247.00." He said, "Only an idiot would feel like he was cheating."

Scott's explanation did indeed sound weak. It might be the result of meds, depression, or any number of things. I personally won't judge him based on a forum post.


Thomas Williams

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Trapper. You're right I didn't mean it in this manner. There's a difference between using your gi bill or getting medical after your service than trying to influence innocent people to give you goods or cash. Ever posted a topic asking for stuff throwing in your service? I never have or will, I'm sure you feel the same.

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Hey all,

I confirmed that PayPal received a response from Scott to my claim and should have a refund within the next week or so. As to making assumptions or judgements on the seller I'll refrain and just recommend that you all are cognizant in your transactions with this seller and all sellers for that matter. I'd not heard a bad thing about dealing with this seller until I posted this thread, at which point I received multiple PMs from other members who had similar experiences with him. I'll leave this thread up for awareness of potential buyers down the road.

Thanks again to everyone for their help.

Sam Dixon


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Ever posted a topic asking for stuff throwing in your service? I never have or will, I'm sure you feel the same.
Nope, I've never used my service like that and nope, I never would. I have asked for donations to help guys in Wounded Warriors and Project Healing Waters. I was able to get donations to buy some Vivarelli reels for soldiers who lost arms, but I had the donors buy the reels directly and mail them to the soldiers.

In case any of you guys out there working with injured Vets is interested, here is the reel.



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Speaking for myslef, but hoping I'm not alone on this thought, every individual should feel they have the right to take advantage of thier life experiences. If it's owed or available to you, you should take advantage of it without a second thought. In essence, you've earned it. However, it crosses the line when those life experiences are being exploited for the benefit of the individual when it hasn't been earned or isn't owed. And it's particularly offensive when the life experience is a fraud (i.e, panhandlers with cardboard signs saying thier Vietnam Vets when they are not). Not saying fraud is the case here, not at all, that's a strong accusation that requires proof in my book, but just saying... in general.

However, since we don't have a rating system similar to eBay, I feel the powers that be should do something about limiting/restricting/banning one who has a pattern of less than honorable dealings. On other sites I'm a member of, offensive, spiteful, name calling, foul language, or otherwise non-constructive writings will get you banned... and should... IMHO.
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