Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

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Nathan B

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There’s too many holes in his excuses for me to accept the fact that his failure to respond was because of an injury. One of MANY examples is the fact that he posted, not that he was auto logged on but that he posted a comment on a thread......

"I had a similar rod with metal ferrules and they were supposed to have made the rod very stiff and not a very easy to sell because of that fact. "

This post was on April 10th..... 24 days after Sam says he made payment. Sam says he made numerous attempts to see what was going on with the delay of shipment on and before April 10th. There are other holes in his excuses as well, but you only need one to sink a ship.

Scott from one prior serviceman to another I thank you for your service. However if you really want to clear your name, you should PM the mods some sort of proof. Otherwise I'm afraid, you have discredited yourself far beyond repair on this forum. IMHO.
Scott your facts of the prior incident are not quite right
I gave you a lot of tying materials partly based on your Disabled vet status. It was not too long after that you were posting many of those same materials on this board for sale. That was certainly bad form.
I don't know about this current issue but I needed to set the record straight on our dealings.


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This little button may help future buyers/sellers

And maybe a good/bad sellers list that is stickied at the top of classifieds, where potential buyers/sellers could quickly search and get feedback from others they've dealt with?


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The least that should be done is this thread stickied at the top of the classifieds and general forums. The title says it all and at least others can decide for themselves whether they want to assume the risk or not.

Thomas Williams

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Yes good eye bigdood. Many don't know where to find this or where its reflected. You can positively or negatively rate a transaction on the classifieds posting itself. This rating is reflected next to your likes count. You can see them on my profile. I think mine has 6 or 7 positive ratings. Its really a great way to give someone a good recommendation or warn others that this might not be the right person to deal with. Just make sure you exhaust all means of repairing the situation with the buyer/seller before posting a negative rating.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Nope, I've never used my service like that and nope, I never would. I have asked for donations to help guys in Wounded Warriors and Project Healing Waters. I was able to get donations to buy some Vivarelli reels for soldiers who lost arms, but I had the donors buy the reels directly and mail them to the soldiers.

In case any of you guys out there working with injured Vets is interested, here is the reel.

Yup, I do that myself (scrounge up donations for PHWFF). So far we haven't needed those automatic reels. But if you've ever seen Joshua Williams play a fish one handed, it's truly amazing WITHOUT the auto reel. :) And, YES, I'm a begging scrounging do what it takes guy when it comes to getting donations for the program. But all the stuff I get in my hands gets put right into our soldiers hands ASAP.

This little button may help future buyers/sellers

And maybe a good/bad sellers list that is stickied at the top of classifieds, where potential buyers/sellers could quickly search and get feedback from others they've dealt with?
Yes, we have that positive/negative feedback for sales transactions. Just remember, we have enough to do as it is with this forum (we do this for free mind you), so trying to keep a list of bad sellers is tough. So if you USE the feedback it'll help A LOT!

Not sure if you meant me, or in general.
I am done with this topic, I had my say.
No, Chris wasn't talking to you. ;)


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Thanks for reminding us that your work is voluntary, I sometimes forget and need reminded. Keep up the good work! :)

Now on to more interesting discussions!

Ed Call

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Sam, glad this has come to a resolution. Sorry it took a post like this and so much time and effort.

There are many stories here on WFF from many characters. Some hidden behind anonymous screen names and others more readily identified. The difference between the stories and the bullshit is the character of the man/woman tapping the keys to tell the stories. Proceed with caution.

NewTyer1, I'm unsure of your story but so far I'm not impressed. Good thing for you I'm a nobody. Bad thing is that as a Vet and supporter of other Vets, I'm not pleased with your presentation. I wish you the best.
I'm not out to impress anyone. I did wrong, I fixed the problem and now it's over. I'm sorry it worked out this way, I certainly did not intent to have this turn out this way. Again I appoligize, not much more I can do at this point.
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