Pass Report


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Fished from 9:30 till 3:00. Ok chironomid hatch with rising fish to start, but that petered out pretty quickly.
Two fish to hand on a chromie and that was it for the day on chironomids.
Switched over to a claret angora balanced leech and had a decent day. Ended up with about 15 fish or so to hand and a number of ldr's and missed take downs due to user inattention.
Saw a few callibaetis duns on the water as well as a few ants.

Not many folks fishing today. Weather turned out better then expected with no rain and not much wind.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Based on yesterday, I'd have to say they are slow learners ;)
Yep, slow learners, I've been fooling them on it for awhile now. But then again the woolly bugger still gets love.

Thanks for the report, I planned to fish it today, but my kid throwing up on my first thing this morning put an end to that thought.


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Ya know I was thinking of tying some balance leeches but figured it just wasn't needed on the waters I fish.

Pass, being written about and fished so hard, although never fishing it myself, would seem almost like fishing a popular spring creek where educated trout would be the norm. This balance leech thing would be a whole new look for "SMART" fish and seems would be the ticket rather then the normal white bead chiro hung under an indi! maybe why nymphs would also work better under indi's then a white bead chiro!

I'm just thinking out-side the box being I don't know a damn thing about Pass. But the more people who fish the balance leech - the sooner it may start lacking in catch numbers would be my assumption.
It's a great game we play!
nice report thinking about going to pass on monday.its good to here there are a few may flys coming off. if the weather gets warmer maybe there will be a flying ant hatch. This thursday is a full moon and if i have the day off i am going to pass on thursday to do some full moon night stalking i fished last month on the full moon and did well on drys. if you have a fish on and joey the eagle trys to take your fish keep your rod low and the fish as close to the boat and joey the eagle should leave you alone. if tou see me stop by and say hi fish on jimmy z

It was scratchy fishing for me yesterday at Pass. Started at 1:30 PM and ended at dark. Went 4 for 6 with the last 2 on a calibaetis nymph at dusk. The eagle was 1 for 2. I saw him coming on the first fish but he snuck up from behind on the second while I was reaching out from my tube with the net. A whoosh, a large splash, the snap of my tippet and he disappeared into the trees. I hope he didn't eat the fly.

John P.