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Get a chance to drive in Chicago Traffic, DON"T.

I just had to do a trip to S/Dakota and then to Circleville Ohio. Of course I had to do a trip through Chicago because my son lives there. The traffic there is like anything unknown. It's strictly a cluster Fuck. Plus you have to stop and pay tools every 20 or so miles.They range in tolls from a $1.50 to $6.00. Depending to where you are going.

If I never have to go there again it will be to soon. The drive there was fine. The traffic was fine going and coming except in Chicago.. Drove through a snow storm from about Billings to Kadoka S.Dak. Not constant snow, but enough to piss you off.

Coming back the weather was fine except for a little bout with snow and a slippery on ramp in Chamberlain S.Dak. Slid off the on ramp into the snow and grass., Couldn't get out with out help. A nice highway Patrol officer helped me out with a tow out of the snow.

Depending on what kind of gas I bought my mileage varied. One time I got 41 miles to the gallon. But most of the time it was around 30 MPG. Gonna start using mid grade gas. Go a lot farther than just regular gas.

Boy, that sure was a long and tiring trip. I hope never again. To damn much for an old man like me.
Sounds like a quite a trip. It'd good that you got out of the ditch ok. It's amazing what kind of mileage you can get when driving slowly over long distances.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Sounds like a quite a trip. It'd good that you got out of the ditch ok. It's amazing what kind of mileage you can get when driving slowly over long distances.
I averaged 75 miles an hour. Hell there isn't any cars on the freeways in the rest of the states. Only in Chicago are the people nuts............

I asked a cop about how little respect people there have for the speed limits there and he told me his when he does radar checks he just shakes his head.. Lots of constriction on the roads. People are driving along about 80 and they don't even slow down for construction. If you slow down they will just about run you over. A normal person just wouldn't make it there. I tried to stay within the speed limits, but I wanted to live.

Then there are the Trucks, Semis. They are the worst drivers out there. What they do wrong would fill volumes.


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I'll be back in the windy city this fall, go every year as part of my job. I now just take taxi's everywhere. Driving in that area is awful and, if you are staying downtown, the hotels charge another $30/night for parking and unless you are going to the convention center, parking in the city is next to impossible. I'll bet you were happy to be back on I-15 and Old Hwy 91 :)
I grew up south of Chicago and went to school at Northwestern in Evanston. If I was gone for a weekend i would drive back into Chicago at 10:30 on a Sunday night and hit the Dan Ryan Expressway and be bumper to bumper in eight lanes of traffic. And that was 35 years ago.

My dad taught me that if you want to change lanes on the expressway, find a guy in a nice car and cut him off.



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I just love it here in no traffic Dillon
And no decent jobs too....except for the medical community that provides care for the few people left (or retiree especially lucrative market).

Odd thing about small towns...young people love to leave, and then often spend their entire lives trying to get back.