Rio San Jaun-info?

Going to be in Nicaragua next year and will spend a couple of days on the Rio San Jaun. If anyone has any info on what I might need I would appreciate it. I'll be there late february with a guy who is a conventional gear guy, but I would like to catch as many species as I can on a fly (including tarpon), but am unsure of the gear requirements. Thanks in advance, Chris

I spent a week on vacation in Nicaragua in Feb of last. It was a great trip and Nicaragua is wonderful country. I didn't fish the Rio San Juan so I can't help you there specifically, but I did take a 10 wt for tarpon and had shots but no hook-ups. If you want more info or have general questions about places to go or see, shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to share my experience.


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Was in Nicaraugua 2 years ago. Mainly I go there to visit Corn islands and bonefish. I stayed a couple days on Rio San Juan and on some island in Lake Nicaragua. The best part of Rio San juan was staying at Yaros place on the river. He is a most interesting character, about 75 yrs old been married 5 times and latest wife is 25! Good place for birds and some interesting history. As for the fishing, river is very big and need a good boat to get around. Rio San Juan is mostly known for big tarpon and believe me they are big. You can often see them jumping by the falls. There is an American guide there who charges $600/day to fish tarpon. Out of my league. I fished a bit from bank and took a kayak up a trib. Didn't catch much, a few machaca(a base type fish) and some small bait fish. Saw a hugh croc.