Really Cool Steelhead Video


You're right. The clip pretty much covers the aspects of steelhead flyfishing ... including catching none when others are doing well. I did like it.
Everything John Arnold and the rest of the Headhunters gang does is awesome, and this video is no exception. Probably the best steelhead vid I've seen in a very long time. I especially love the part about "they don't understand". hahah


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Alright, I'm going to be Debbie Downer here. First, I enjoy and consume all of the steelhead videos on Vimeo and Youtube just as much as the next person. It keeps me going and covers beautiful places, beautiful water, and beautiful fish. But,

Something I've noticed is that there is this commercialization of steelhead fishing that just did not exist 15-20 years ago and now it seems the norm. It seems like many videos are a cliche: guys talking about how nobody understands their love/dedication to steelhead fishing, tying flies with a bottle of whiskey next to the vice, slow-mo of spey casting two handers, guys launching boats from rough trail, hero shots of native fish, etc. It just makes me a little sad to think that steelhead fishing, which used to be pretty uncommon, is now massively commercialized. It used to be very sacred and special and when I see these videos and they are all the same it makes me think of the good old days. I know that this stuff generates dollars for conservation so that's a bonus. Don't get me wrong folks, I love this stuff, but there must be others that share my feelings about this.

Achilles, there are definitely people who feel you what you are saying. ;)

However, I have found over the years that most people are a lot nicer than they appear in videos and online and I will share the resource with them any day.

I have seen incredible growth and crowding for 10 years. At times, it can be hard to stomach.


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Who said anything about the character of people in the videos? Or about sharing or not sharing resources? Or anything about crowding? Definitely was not me... Sorry if I came across that way. Just making an observation.

No doubt these guys and gal are awesome people just like the rest of us...
I think the only way we'll see steelheading turn into that is if steelhead come back in numbers that would allow the bassmaster classic folks to descend on the skagit.

I agree though, lots of fishing videos are pretty cliche. Which is what make the best ones that much better.


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I agree with Achille's sentiment. I wish I was the only guy in WA that was into steelheading.

Would you guys mind just giving it up? Carp are way more challenging, fun, fiesty, and glamorous. Get into carp fishing please. No steelhead here, move along.