sitting on my rear view mirror after work today...


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figured it was a callibaetis from the mottled wing, but a quick search on calliebaetis didn't deliver any that looked like this one. what is it? pretty crappy shot, i know.



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march brown i do believe. looks like teal colored eyes in the pic. and the mottled wings of course. just saw a good march brown pic from the worley bugger last night that looks just like that.


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Darn, I was certain I recognized the familiar diagonal ribbing with the weft passing under double warp threads. As Bill Clinton used to say, "who you gonna believe, me or (Banana Republic and) your lying eyes?

I'm sticking with my id until Taxon overrules me! ;)
Very blurry, but given the size, body color, and speckled wings I would say this is a Callibaetis dun. An imago would have transparent wings with a slim band of speckle on the leading edge.