Pyramid Lake Lahontan cutthroat making a comeback

Hmm, a misguided day dream perhaps but wouldn't it be something if the Elwha Chinook of old (pre damming) could be 'rediscovered' in the same way. Alsakan trolling would 'f' that regardless though no doubt. It's ironic that this was the root of the hatchery brats. I've read that the steelies and SRCs (a 14 lbr?) were also a bit on the beefy side too. Perhaps their genes are still in the 'pool' in some pools in a creek or two in the upper reaches. The recuperative power of nature can be f'ing awesome, if given a chance. Thanks for the info and a great example of how people, environmental ruin and hatchery/planted fish are a bad idea and the real damage that they can cause but there's always hope.



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Thanks for sharing. The discovery and subsequent recovery of those Pilot Peak fish is a really cool comeback story! I will be conducting some Lahontan sampling on Pyramid next week, you know, in the name of science and all. :) Hopefully, I will locate one of those 20 pounders!
Don't think I haven't thought about using a ladder on Puget Sound...

I miss Pyramid, and would always think about what the Truckee river would've looked like before Derby Dam was built.

Take a guess where why avatar pic was taken...
To cool thing about that article is that the genetics of the fish can make such a difference. The fish
planted from the surrounding lakes just don't cut it compared to the lakes original fish. Has a lot
of baring on salmon and steelhead how small differences between waters can have such profound differences.


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Oh Larry, the possibilities are endless....You'll see people out there casting farther and out fishing you on their ladders:p and it will start driving you nuts!
I've already seen guys with those heavy duty plastic crates to stand on. They carry a small rope hooked to their waist to pick it up out of the deep water. They usually use them on these sand flat type beaches. My memory is getting bad, but I think about 5 year ago, I did see a guy with a ladder. Someone is bound to come up with a "stainless steel" Deluxe version for about $450 don't you think?!!!


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I thought I heard that Abel will soon announce its latest 10' aluminum, with stainless and carbide traction base, step ladder for beach fishing for $1,299.