Trout lake (King County) inquiry

My first post in the Stillwater forum as I am usually prowling the beaches, however I have been reading (Tim Lockharts book 2x :) and tying and feel like I am ready to try a new aspect of fly fishing
Never having fly fished in lakes, I want to hit something close to home and a lake that as a kid, I caught some really nice fish trolling a flatfish and hucking marshmallows.
I know beach protocol is hush hush, so I hope I am not violating any rules here but if you are familiar with this body of water, please drop me a PM (conversation) if you have any thoughts. :cool:
Granted, I could drive to several specialized fishery lakes in my area but with float tube in hand I was hoping to get my skills dialled close to home.
Gonna hit it tomorrow morningish regardless :)
Thanks in advance and I am definitely psyched to expand my skill set.

To add life to a generic inquiry post, please enjoy an image of my Lab Jumar getting psyched in the Snake River in mid July.



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You could look at the planting reports if you plan to hit a put and take fishery. That would give you a good idea of some spots to hit.

This, there are a lot of lakes listed on those reports that aren't talked about to much that put out a lot of fish. Even a 12-14" stocker is a lot of fun on a 4wt. Right now I am having a lot of luck with a size 12 dragonfly nymph(anything size 12 olive soft hackle will work) in the south sound area lakes cast to shore and stripped back with quick long strips.

I am leaving Sunday for a couple of weeks of sun and tropical fish but if you want to fish before or after that we can arrange something.

Good tips, thank you!
This is just a shakedown for me, need to get my SW game on. But yes that would be cool, we can connect after your fun in the sun :)