Where to Fish enroute to or near OSU?

Ed Call

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Next question...where to fish on my way to Corvallis and in the neighborhood of OSU? I'm headed there this weekend. Might have a small window to fish on Friday...

Volleyball coaching schedule will dictate if there is any other time to fish on Saturday or Sunday. This trip I'm not responsible for the players 24/7. Only responsible for the team meal, time in the gym playing and setting the team daily routine.

Thanks for any info you are willing to share here or via conversation. This is the last club volleyball weekend for me this season...fun, but I'm ready for more family and friend time!


My name is Mark Oberg
Clackamis river, near oregon city bridge. Sandy river or eagle creek. God luck would love to hear a report on them places.
EE Wilson pond if you just want to fish from shore for stockers and an occasional brooder. If you have more time head south and fish the Mckenzie where it dumps into the Willamett. Solid dry fly action mid day as well as good nymphing or swinging. I can't remember all my old spots as it has been 20 years since I went to college there. Head to Scarlit Ibis fly shop in town for more advise. If its still there



The Scarlet Ibis is long gone. The new shop is called Cascadia Fly Shop. The owners name is Wes.

It wouldn't hurt to check with him.


It would help to know your time frame. Armitage Park on The McKenzie takes about 45 minutes to reach from Corvallis. The North Santiam is the same. There are closer places on The Willamette and the Santiam but I'd need to send you a map or directions as how you get to my secret spots :)

Ed Call

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The collective impresses, as always. With uncertainties like how much time I'll have, I'll make note of as many options as I can amass. Once I know more about my departure time, and schedule I will see what I can fit into those windows. Thanks all, keep em coming!


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I'll second what Gene said, and the Willamette is a genuine sleeper trout river around Harrisburg (30 minute or so drive). That said, access is not necessarily great and I personally don't know the river well. I'd call the guys at Cascadia Fly Shop. They'll point you in the right directions, or if you have the time I'd contact Dave as per Derek's advice. Dave seems like a great guy from our brief convos.
When I attended OSC as it was known, I caught many nice cutthroat in Oak Creek on campus this time of year. It had much poison oak on the banks so was largely ignored. For some reason I have never been bothered by poison oak.


In those days, there was a run of silver salmon up Oak Creek.... pollution from the OSU cattle barns and private property owners who modified the creek put an end to the run.

Mary's River also held nice trout and included a steelhead run... but once again, man's influence screwed that up. You can still catch some cutts in the upper Mary's but access is limited.
I recall fishing the upper Mary's River and finding the river channel blocked by a dam of dead sheep, that was enough to keep me from coming back. I did fish a creek west of town where an old mill had stood and caught some pretty large cutthroat out of small water. We fished the Calapooia River for a treat.
Not exactly your pristine angling environment, but there used to be some monster carp in the Long Tom, along with a lot of other gruesome stuff.

Drive south from Corvallis on 99W, turn east onto Dawson road and fish just above the bridge on river right (though unless there's an oil slick present, it may be difficult to determine which direction this river flows).

Use gloves to handle anything you catch. If snakehead ever shows up in Oregon, I'd bet on the Long Tom. A very cool river.