Pattern Squid Pattern

I was playing around at the vise recently trying to imitate a small squid and came up with this:

Looking for comments and suggestions for improvement. Sorry about the photography; should have used flash or filter under incandescent light.



Sweet again. A friend of mine in BC ties a squid for chinook and ling cod that's very similar. He uses a cone-head for weight, a couple of thin saddle hackles for tentacles, and some flourescent flashabou mixed in with the krystal flash.
The weight on this one obviously comes from the dumbell eyes. The body is wrapped with pearlescent angel hair, trimmed and then covered with epoxy...doesn't show well in the photo, but looks pretty cool in real life. Not sure if I like the body conformation though. I'm experimenting with a more elongated, body braid version that uses yak hair, krystal flash and a turn or two of mallard for that "speckled tentacle" look. Much more realistic and to my liking. Will post that photo as soon as I finish off the roll and get it processed. I'm still "low tech" using 35mm.


Bob Triggs

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Have you ever seen the "Turd"? I think it's a Brian O Keefe pattern. Saltwater flats fly, bonefish, snook etc. Maybe redfish.Very similar. Nice squid. I'll try one!