The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Lenice report

Sunday was my day to try and fish this weekend. I had aborted trips each of the past three weekends due to high winds, it's very disappointing to make a drive and find whitecaps on your lake. Sunday's forecast wasn't great, but I was not to be deterred this weekend. I was getting ready to leave the house about 7am. I put on some fishing pants I haven't worn in awhile and shoved my wallet into my back pocket. There was a piece of paper in the pocket, I pulled it out to find a $20 bill folded nicely that I must have left and forgotten from long ago. That was the Good.

I arrived at the Lenice parking lot about 8:30. The wind was non-existent. I proceeded to ready my gear, blow up my boat, etc. As I carted my boat to the lake a light breeze was blowing and as I crested the hill to look down at the lake, there was a very fine ripple on the water - perfect for fishing on a sunny day. I went down the hill, got the boat in the water, and while I was putting on my fins, the wind kicked up. I could barely get my boat out to the lake against the wind. I soon realized it was futile to try to fin my way to the islands, so I oared across the lake. I tucked myself in the islands for the next couple hours or so. I would anchor up, and either be blown downwind, or at least side to side, making it difficult to keep a tight line. I landed several fish, all on a bloodworm pattern. Of course I missed a few. A couple were recent stockers, smallish fish, a couple were very good size and fat. I decided to go to the west end of the lake and try that, landed a small one down there, and my best fish of the day came on the wind blown ride down to the west. Coming back east against the wind was with oars only, I tried to fin to no avail at times. I was exhausted after 5 hours of fishing. The wind was the Bad.

I got out and loaded my boat on the cart. I started to drag the boat on the cart uphill in the sand. It rolled to the side and instead of just falling on its side the wind caught it and blew it upside down. I had three rods in rod holders sticking 9 feet straight up in the air. One rod took the brunt of it and fractured at the closest ferrule. My favorite rod, a 5 wt Sage VPS, 8 1/2 feet that I wrapped myself. It has been my favorite rod for years, the one out of 15 that I am most likely to grab. That was the Ugly. Ugh! I hoping to fix it with a little sanding, or maybe I should check out the warranty with Sage, but I don't want to wait to get it back...

I guess I'll break down my rods before I leave the lake in the future, which I normally do anyway.

At least I got to fish yesterday.



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That's frustrating. It's also a good reminder to the rest of us regarding how we take care of our rods.
I broke 2 last year one was my fault and the other shouldn't have failed.


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Best day I ever had on Lenice was also the windiest. Wind was blowing hard to the east, whitecaps over my tube and down the back of my waders. Every insect in the lake must have been blown on the shoal and the fish were there too - and hungry. It was fush on just about every cast with a fast stripped hares ear. Unbelievable then, but not the only time it's happened. I love wind.