Practice leader for Spey on grass?


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I have heard that a tied leader with the tags left about 1-inch long will provide enough anchor to practice spey casting on grass. If so, I would think that the more tags exposed the better the friction. Anyone have dimensions for such a leader?
Trevor tied one up that worked well. Knots about six inches a apart. The knot's tag end at the end of the leader is 1/2" on each side. The two knot tag ends closest to the tip/polyleader are 1/2" on each side also. The rest were +- 1/8". The leader length's about 7 feet.

Jason Chadick

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The one that I use is about 11 feet long with blood knots every eight inches or so. I used 30lb maxima and put a set of lead eyes on the end to help it dig in. It works if you power down and go slow.

Ed Call

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Double overhand knots around short picked out pieces of yarn add a bit of friction in the grass too. Same idea, but instead of mono tags sticking out both sides, you have pieces of yarn.
How'd that work for you, Jim? I tied a grass leader sveral years ago and have never used it. About the time I hink about it again, there's always something that comes up to prevent me from trying it out.


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Hi Steve, I tied a grass leader along with many salmon flies and have not used either the flies or the leader. The grass leader is to be used when I don't have access to water and the flies will be use on my next two trips to Tacoma. Several times a week I practice spey casts on the Big Horn river.