Nice little Cutty

I must have missed this thread...Nice cutty Jack, and good to see everyone finding some. It amazes me how cutts, even smaller ones will just slam flatwings, I hit a beach a couple days ago and only found one 15" cutt but caught
a number of small (4" to 8") coho feeding on lots of chum fry, would have been nice to have some more cutts in there filling up on fry as well, but wasn't to be.

Pat, that's a trophy for sure!!!! Glad you found one of the big guys, just doesn't happen all that least for me....
Hi Tony,
What a beaut! Nice way to christen a new outfit. I hope you realize it won't always be that great and hope you caught it on a fly YOU tied??????? By the way, thanks, I got your mail. All I wanted was to cover the postage. I'll "get even" :) with you someday.
Interesting the colour differences between your fish and mine. Look at the fins.
PS I didn't answer your question about nets. The "ghost" type net is good (I forget what the material is called). Some guys use forceps or the fancy release tools. I try and let the fish slip the hook if I can. If not, I use forceps and try not to touch or squeeze the fish. If things work out that there is an opportunity for a quick photo so be it.
Thanks, Regarding my "luck" has more to do with where I live/lifestyle. I'm able to fish my choice of fishyspots, the closest being 3minutesfrom my front door, also it is very important to point out that this amazing fishery is due to some folks who have advocated for and with great foresight created the fishery we are enjoying, for all I know that great fish I caught you carefully released some years before.
Artic fox would work. I'm still new to tying and have a hard time looking at a pattern a determining with certainty what all of the materials are.

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Its two tiny strips of bunny fur, olive over white. Each strip is a quarter inch long or so.

Look up Morrish small fry on the idylwilde fly web site.

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Thanks Jon,
The minute I saw the word Morrish I remembered the fly pattern.
Just tied a couple up.
Tried the arctic fox but it didn't work too well - Wabbit works best as in the original pattern.

I need some longer wabbit for some bigger flies.
Found this fairly good photo on-line. One can see the wabbit hide where it is tied in.



Just call me Jon
I need some longer wabbit for some bigger flies.
Found this fairly good photo on-line. One can see the wabbit hide where it is tied in.
I'm currently attempting a longer version with an extra barred olive strip tied in at the tail.

Side note...after seeing Pat's success with that flatwing I tied up for the holiday fly swap, I tied one on at the beach yesterday. They work!

This guy measured out at approx. 19"

I fished the Morrish small fry today. Good results. Three nice 14"-15" cutts and a chum around 4.5 inches. My friend fished my rig awhile and got himself a nice cutt too.
I like the pattern and would like to tie some a bit longer. The rabbit I have is short. Going to look for some longer stuff over the weekend.