Streamers and nymphs from a kick boat

Hi all,

The Boise river that runs right through town is running below typical summer flows right now. Not below typical "run-off" (well, resevoir dumping), but below LATE summer flows . Crazy and a little scary. But what it means is that I can get the watermaster in the water months ahead of when I planned on it.

My first love is dry fly fishing. But, I also love to fish with a fly rod in pretty much every way - two handed rods, bass poppers, streamers, indicator nymphing, euro style, upstream sans indicator but if I have the chance to work rising fish.. I'll take it. That often translates into me floating and fishing dry flies to fish that aren't really "working" but just sporadically (and opportunistically) eating. It gets old and boring. So, i thought I'd rather explore some other options of fishing from a pontoon/kick boat.

The two methods that seems most promising are indicator nymphing and streamer fishing. I'd imagine a solid strategy with the nymphs would be to lay them out downstream of the boat, say 45 degrees out, not too far in front, and give them the slack to drift well. I'd imagine using one or more lightly weighted nymphs about 12-24" below the indi. Since I'll be covering lots of water, I won't want to adjust depth and I don't want to get hung up very often. I'd rather not catch fish than battle the weighted flies. Is this how you fish your nymphs while floating? What other strategies should I consider?

With streamers, I almost always swing them if I'm wading. Mostly because I love to swing flies, but also because when they are hitting swung flies, it can be super rewarding. However, for me, I can't say that swinging streamers is very productive on a day-to-day level. Since I'll be floating with my fly, I'm thinking swinging is not the way (not even very possible). Maybe, square up to the bank and simply work a streamer (light or unweighted) by stripping it back from the bank to the boat. I see people doing this (as you would for bass) but I never fish my streamers this way. But I assume it works? What's your experience with this technique?

I know a lot of this seems obvious, but sometimes when you get out on the water you fight your own techniques and waste a bunch of time. I'd like to consciously try some techniques and then I can evaluate how well they work for me.. I know that each fisherman wields their own productive styles and one person's style won't work for another.




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I'd try the area below Eagle and fish as you described fishing streamers for bass, except for the areas that you can stop and swing streamers (smallish black sculpzilla). I enjoy fishing that way better than using an indicator and nymph set up. If you choose to fish the river through town, then I would fish the indicator down from the boat. Using a thing-a-mabobber with bobber stops on the but section of the leader will make it easy to adjust depth on the go (see Reds Fly Shop web page for an example). I generally fish nymphs deeper than 24", but have extremely limited experience on the Boise.