Camano cavalero worth fishing tomorrow and Saturday?

Hey everyone,
Still haven't caught anything in the salt (also haven't had the time to really put in the time) but I'm gonna be up in camano this weekend on the east side. Is it worth wading around cavalero and trying? I don't totally understand reading the water and such. Just know I'm supposed to work the right tides. Got the sand lances and other bait fish and shrimp patterns.

If its not worth it, I'll just spend more time with the family :)

Also, I might have access to a boat....anywhere in port Susan worth going over to to try to fish a bit?

Any help is appreciated!
Won't know unless you try!

In all seriousness, though, Camano isn't that big so you could probably explore a couple different beaches, couldn't you? I think there is a state park up there where I caught a flounder or something once. There are also a couple of other nice looking beaches that I've fished up there. I'd say try to give yourself a few hours on either end of a low or high tide, or just get out there nice and early before the sun is really on the water. Should be fun either way.

I worked on the west side for about three years but wasn't fly fishing at the time. I did talk fishing with many locals though. I'm not sure you'll have good luck around Cavlero. The boats I've seen in driveways in the that neighborhood are airboats. It's pretty shallow. Other parts of Port Susan are know for great Sturgeon fishing, and of course Pinks when they're in. On the west side there's a good point at the State Park and the owners of the local tackle shop (now closed) told me they caught silvers from the beach there on spinners. A friend of mine also got a SRC in the same general area while fishing for pinks. Lastly, a guide here in Ellensburg reported good fishing for SRC off the west side.


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Don't bother going to Cavlero at low tide, it's a complete mud-flat at any minus tide. It can be good on a high dropping tide though. Start up in the cove to the north of the parking lot, as the tide starts to run and work it south and out toward the sandbar, you'll see it once the tide is low enough. Once crabbing starts forget-it! too many boats. There are better beaches on the west side too, but don't tell anybody I told you ;)