A rookies log.

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Thanks for the beer offer. That's forthright and good. But please understand and make note in your logbook that wine coolers are illegal among steelheaders.

As for your Okuma, if the spool spins round 'n round without falling off, and the handle doesn't break off, it's good enough to land a steelhead on. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but steelhead are way fuckin' over-rated. They are not dorado, roosterfish, or marlin. Maybe a little bit like baby tarpon, but only on a good day. When I was an impoverished college student I bought fly reels at Goodwill for $3 apiece. And they landed steelhead. Even when the pawl eroded into metal shavings and the spool handle broke off, I still landed that hot summer run, along with a memory I will never forget. That wouldn't have happened with a $15 Pflueger Medalist.

On the marriage advice front, fishing isn't the cause of divorce. Needy wives who want their husband to hang with them 24/7/365 are one cause. If your wife is, you might as well dump her now and get it over with because no human should have to life a suffocating life. Another major cause often blamed on fishing is lazy husbands who can't or won't live up to their slightly more than 50% of the marriage bargain even while taking the time necessary for fishing to be a major part of your life. If that is you, your wife will dump you sooner or later. That can be avoided by making the time you are together so satisfying and rewarding that she agrees that fishing helps define who you are. Just understand that fishing, in and of itself, does not cause divorce. Put this in your logbook too.


LOL My wife is actually very supportive, and will be by my side this year trying to catch those damn fish. Just figured I would make a few laugh with some wife jokes.


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Daniel, if you're gonna fish summer run steelhead you might not even need waders...unless you get cold quickly. This has been a very enjoyable thread.
People have been catching steelhead for decades on gear that's way less sophisticated than what's available today. Get a rod. Get a reel. Get a line. Go out and learn where steelhead hold. The greatest rod and reel won't catch shit if you can't read water. You can take to the water with thousands of dollars worth of gear, but you'll just be a poser if you don't know where or how to fish it.
Happy Sunday everyone. Well this is my personal log so I will make a quick log.

I was laying down last night, and thinking about fishing. Thinking about what else I need to have as far as gear, thinking about the river in my head, and wondering where is a good place to take my family that will have some good holding water.
It then hit me. I said to myself what are you doing. I began to think about all my years as a little boy in Lynden Washington where over the course of 10 years I had fished the Fish Trap creek with my friends, hunting cutthroat trout, and once catching what appeared to be a very tired pink salmon. I thought about it. Do I already have all of the skills necessary to catch fish? I must have caught hundreds of fish in that small town creek. I learned where those little fish hold. Also found some great swimming holes where we tried to talk the girls into skinny dipping with us but I suppose the cold water affect turned them off in more ways than one.
I am a rookie most definately. However, in some philosophical way, will we all always be rookies of the hunt? I think at the end of it in my personal experience with trying to transfer from a gear angler to a Fly angler is that I and a lot of other newbies have a bad habit of over complicating the whole thing.
In the end I have come to the conclusion that the minds inside those little trout that I would catch are not much different than the trout in big rivers. So now I tell myself, just get out there and fish the water like you already know how.

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Already started tying leaders and egg patterns ready strip and rip floatimg saturday bright and early
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