The 7400 Bridge Rd. Gate

Yep, for you guys that like to have access at the 7400 bridge on the Wynoochee, there is a brand new, shine gate out by the highway. I don't think they put it there for decoration.


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Just googled the company...formly Simpson's. I remember Simpson's in WA, did not know they changed their name to Green Diamond Resource Company. So now what? They start to sell limited permits to allow access?
I know someone that swings with keys to that new gate and he has assured me he will make sure I can get up there anytime I would like too. But what prevents people with helicopters from just flying over those gates ? It seems like they are just blocking access to the 99% lower class.... I say Occupy the Nooch.


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After thinking about it, I'm not quite as concerned as I was initially. Most of the private roads that are open to the public up there have gates at the points of entry that are almost never closed. Yes, it seems an odd practice to install a gate that might not be used, but it could be a measure they take to make it a quick job to close an area should the owners decide to do so.

In the meantime, as long as we are still allowed entry, let's bear in mind the reasons why such areas are most often closed by timber companies: littering and abuse/theft of the resources. If you see some jackass littering or otherwise abusing the land, remind him that our access to the area is conditional on our good behavior. Then, hope, against all odds, that he listens.