Dodging the Runoff (day 2) TR


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Continuing the search for some clear, running water. Guy in the local flyshop lets on that a stream just down the road (relatively speaking) is high, but clean and THE big bugs are coming off. I file that away as probable B.S.; why would someone tell that to a perfect stranger unless he’s running a misdirection or is planning to jump me on the stream, steal my sorry collection of gear and bury my remains in a shallow grave along the Interstate? After the tailwater adventure of the previous day, though, some action a bit closer to home base seems in order and the chance to toss some topwater stuff seals the deal.

More like bwo weather but you take what you get

different kind of speed goat, 1970 vintage (I think)

pretty valley

upper reaches are clear, as advertised; 2 more days and they’re fishable, too

a little farther down; looks good, but still not legal

starting the countdown

someone’s got a problem with 19

the magic number

two feet visibility. not going in much deeper; river's honkin along pretty good and the softer water along the banks looks to be the place for dries

started with a big orange thing, got 1 refusal and a toilet-flush rise that I was late on. saw a few skwalas crawling around so switched out and started hooking up; browns, nothing heroic but nice and caught the way dog, Tom Whiting and the guy who invented craft foam intended

move downstream a bit, skwala seems to be losing it's edge. look up, see the swallows going crazy and the first of the armored hummingbirds make their appearance; switch back to the orange thing and for 4 hours life is very good. browns and 'bows, none of the run-ups but bigger than anything I normally see on this water

beating around the bushes

I feel like a peeping Tom

river is alive with bugs - caddis, March Browns, stoneflies big-and-small, all which would probably draw interest, but it's so much fun fishing the perch float I see no need to change.



Things finally wind down about the time the sun drops below the cliffs so I pack it up and drive out. Pretty big water down low (only folks I see on the river all day are kayaking through here)

maybe not snow-capped peaks but pretty country in it's own way

looks like Sauron's eye

my apologies to Josh for doubting him