Targus Hooks


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The only guy I've talked to that had tried them said he had a real problem with them breaking. This was in regard to some very nice looking steelhead hooks they had (looks like an alec jackson, but with a straight eye). After spending way to much time on a steelhead fly, a hook that breaks is a reel bummer:beathead

I don't know about the trout hooks.

I just realized this was little stone. The little stone that preaches quality, quality , quality. You get what you pay for etc. etc.

Now your trying to go cheep on the hooks? For shame, for shame.

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Well thanks, I guess...That's why I asked. It sounded too good to be true.So, my money is still in my pocket and my hooks are still Daiichi. So there!:p


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Just a little late getting this thread. I'm a bit low on stock of some hooks and need to re-stock. I use to find some great buys on e-bay -- getting more difficult these days. Bought some Targus hooks for trout patterns; sizes 10-22, and have found them to work really well on the catch. they also seem to hold up from breaking when playing tug-o-war with the river bottom. I do concede that a few of the packs seem to have some "brittle" hooks that will snap in the bend if trying to lean into the thread wraps.

It seems their prices have edges up a bit as well, so now I'm not so sure their worth the few bad ones for the price break?? Cabela's use to also have some good prices, but they too have changed.

What hooks do you find to be the best value these days?

Have used Targus for several years now. Bought 'em out of CA before Ron opened the Monroe shop then started buying them from him. I've had really good success with them, no more breakage than any other brand. Caught more than plenty of fish with their 200R style, have re-tied the same hook after the fish ate the fly to shreds. Freestone is right about their prices edging up.
Getting harder to find a good deal on hooks.
I use a Number of their Styles for Saltwater Fishing.. and the Targus has held up very well for me.. Some local species like Leopard sharks and Guitarfish have strong jaws and the targus hooks have hooked well and not suffered from the Vise grip like grasp these Cartilage Fish will lock down upon my flies with....:cool::thumb: