Clearwater area this weekend

Is there anything worth fishin for on any of the Clearwater forks this coming weekend?
Hell, I would be willing to get a license even to catch a handfull of whitefish or something while the girls sat on a picnic blanket...
We are staying in Weippe. Any other options worth checking out in the area?

Thanks a bunch!

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Check out the flows on the USGS site. The past week, the NF has been running about 4x normal for this time of year. Might be fun to take a drive up there from Weippe, but fishing is probably not in the cards, especially if the river is colored up.

Thanks Kent. That is what we wind up doing... My wifes Aunt, in all her late 70's glory... Still likes to take drives up in the hills like she did when she was a little girl. I think that is why she loves it when we come out... Somebody to go for a drive with me!!
We come out most of the time on the nf of the Clearwater, or up by Kamiah on the main stem. I have fished both before, along with some small mtn streams with no luck, not even a whitefish.
This year I might just pass on fishing and do more shooting with the camera.