An Angler's Paradise???

I've seen that and similar pictures. There is little that I would like more than to forever avoid that clusterf*^k! Mulitiple times I have encountered similar (but not quite as bad) fishing spots, and high tailed it out of there. I would rather fish a location with a .0001% chance of catching a fish than join in with that mess. Dealing with multitudes of skunkings has allowed me to really appreciate my surroundings.

Thomas Williams

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I can't click the link on my phone however I assume its a photo of some gnarly snagolicious gauntlet of death like the Puyallup or Nisqually at mounts road. First and last time I floated my pontoon through there. I was duckin they were chuckin.

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Nothing wrong there. Looks similar to a length of the Alsea River during winter steelhead season -- and the very reason I no longer fish for winter steelhead.