Fishing The Spokane

Seth Tyson

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I recently moved to Spokane from Virginia Beach. Its amazing how different fishing becomes when you move this far at once, not to mention how fast the water moves around here :eek: . Can anyone give me an estimate on when the rivers (Spokane) tend to settle after the melt? Ive been traveling to Idaho most recently, and am eager to start fishing more in Washington. Cant wait to learn my new stomping ground and learn from everyone here.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Lat

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there was an article on the spokane in the last issue of NW fly fisher, pick it up pretty much anywhere that has magazines
Check out and join the local Trout Unlimited meetings. There you will find people passionate about the Spoke' both in preserving and protecting the Native Redbands AND catching them. The river is a wonderful resource right in Spokane but she is fickle, you need to pay your dues on the water to really understand the river and be successful. If you are interested in TU Spokane, Stewert the poster right above me is the President contact him for meeting times.
I miss that group and the river.
Welcome to Spokane.
Everyone has their preference. 6000cfs starts being fishable for me. Closer to 2000 opens up a lot of new options. Explore and have fun. Lots of fishable water.
Too bad you couldn't be here say...about 20 yrs ago. That river was lights out for a lot of really big, dumb fish. Hope you like bass and pike! :mad:

The lower section still has some good spots though (below downtown Spokane). There's a few guys on here that can really help, Stewart being one of them.

Wait until you catch your fish 12" Red Band trout. Before you lay eyes on 'em, you'll swear that you have an 18" fish on! Those fish are feisty!!! :eek: