Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Good to see you out there today. Your new pram is a great little craft.
Things did pick up for me after you left at your favorite end of the lake.
I got tired of the pecking type strikes so I put out the meat rig, lol. A size 4 solid white bugger with a pearl diamond braid body.
I ended up bringing 8 more to hand and had a lot of other hits. The fish were larger then what I was getting on the other end. Quite a few fish rising as a I left and as Ira said the evening bite looked like it was going to set up perfectly. I had things to do at home or else I would have stayed.
I pumped a couple smaller fish earlier in the day. They were stuffed with really small and thin bloodworms. The bigger fish I pumped later in the day had lots of small snails in the throat samples.
Oh yea, should mention the nice missed call by the weatherman today as well. Things were floating in my boat.....

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I showed Islander the dark side on Lenice, just didn't stick with it.

Nice fish, Steve. The expression could use some work, and the "I've got you" grip is great. I have a few pictures of Roper's phantom fishies...
He started to wiggle so I got him with the "death grip". He swam away ok. I think fish have a sixth sense about pictures. Just before you push the button they go crazy.

It was a bit slow on Lone today for me too. I think it's been fishing better in the mornings but it's been raining in the mornings and I don't like to fish in the rain. :eek:

Here's Jeff coaxing one into his net.


Nice work, Brian. Way to tough it out and get some action. I had a smaller white bugger on for the last hour I was out there. Landed one and missed several short strikes... looks like I should have gone bigger.
And the pram was fanta stic to fish out of, I brought 4 rods and had no troubles. I will say I much prefer my 10' pram for such wet conditions. It has a raised diamond plate floor that runs fore and aft that keeps feet and stuff out of the accumulating rain water