Polish Woven Nymph - trickier than I thought! First attempt

Keeping the tension just right is a little tricker than I thought. After watching youtube video once through, here's my first attempt at a Polish Woven Nymph.


Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
The trick is to hold each strand in your hand and against the tips of your forefingers. You will weave the whole fly while never letting go of the fibers. Then wrap your wire forward in between each weave. Steve Parrot does a video in his Czech nymphing 101 DVD. Helped me figure it out.

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Makes sense. Keeping the tension on the two strands seemed to be the key, just need to keep tying em and I'll get the hang of it.

Thanks Thomas.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
That's similar to the technique I was taught years ago to facilitate tying Potts flies. We used a few strands of horsetail for the back & doubled rod-winding thread for the belly. Use of embroidery thread out of a bobbin greatly simplifies this, as does rotating the vise & turning the fly toward you . . . no rotary vises back in the day, lol. Thanks for sharing the post; I'll have to try this method. Here's a method to enhance the fly body with hair hackle, although I'll likely stick with spinning the desired hair around a bare hook shank and then flaring it back into position.

Just got back from WallyWorld with embroidery floss & a crochet needle . . . gotta try this & the hair hackle technique.
Yep, had it pointing straight at me. I'm trying to picture how I'd never let go... I mean I wasn't really letting go, but would have to switch hands as I passed under, crossed strands, and about to pass over with the other strand.

Thomas, switching hands is necessary right? Or is there some trick I'm missing?