Forgotten rod classics


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Sage Xp (who thought I wouldn't list that one?) :D But only 6-9 weights

Sage LL

Scott G

I always had a thing for the older St. Croix Imperials of the 90's...moderate action but smooth caster and fun fish fighter. I think this one is up there with some of the slower rods. (not considered a classic)

Fenwick/Wright and McGill put out some nice 30-60ish dollar glass rods in the 60'-70's that I believe rival todays 300.00 plus glass rods. Although that Scoot F rod is damn nice ;)


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Orvis, un-sanded late 70's and 80's superfines. Full flexing - unique - fishing machines! The lighter weights (3 & 4 weight) original HLS rods are awesome also. But then again I'm not talking "CASTING" I'm talking "FISHING" rods!


Love vintage graphite!
With the exception of one older Winston IM6, all my rods are Sage GFL's. These were the first rods that Sage cranked out beginning in 1980. I love them and so does everyone I know that casts one. All are 2 pc. with downlocking reel seats.


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I told the folk at the Sage plant that if they ever made a better rod than my DS2 4wt I'd buy it. They sold the DS2 to fly shops to use as rentals. I picked one up for $100 and it is my favorite unless I need long casts.
I have a 583-4 DS (metal seat) dry fly rod. Good rod for small tight bodies of water and a good float tuber rod as well. I just don't use it as much as my LL. I didn't think of DS or DS2 as a classic but it is a well built rod, good action, and simple aesthetics.

Rob Allen

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I think that top end gear performance has not changed a whole lot from the introduction of graphite until now. Once a great rod always a great rod. The technology has simply not changed that much.