Adult Skawla stone patterns


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I have been tryingfor the past couple days to come up with a good pattern using for adult skawla's using foam, elk hair and rubber legs. I am getting close to a pattern Ilike but it is pretty labor intensive as it uses moose hair, two colors of dubbing, elk hair, rubber legs and two colors of foam.

I have seen a pattern from woorley bugger that would work well (but I think it is actually their short wing pattern).

Do any of you have a patterns that you have had success with?

I will post a photo of my creation tonight.


Chuck Stranahan has the most effective Skwala pattern I have ever used.

I will try and find it tonight and take a picture for you.

It doesn't use foam or rubber legs but I modified it and added the rubber legs. I can't say that it works better but it works none the less.


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I got to this point after three attempts. It's not pretty but should catch fish. After some refinement (moving the back legs and wing a little more forward) and getting used to tying I think it will work out well.

To get some scale that's tied on a size 8 Tiemco TMC-5263 (size 8, 3x long, 2x heavy gauge)

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I did well last year with #8 TMC-5263, but some places, like Hill's, makes it look like Skwalas are #10 or even #12. How big are the Yakima River flies?

I found it. The original Chuck's Skwala.

Chuck owns and operates a flyshop right on the Bitteroot River in Hamilton Montana. The hatches on the Clark Fork and the Bitteroot are the biggest I have ever seen.

I remember a time right off the Clark Fork next to the Rock Creek mercantile when the Skwala, Mother's Day Caddis and the Marck Browns were so thick that every trout in the river was on top rising to the blankets of bugs on the surface.

Anyways, the pattern I have has no rubber or foam but works like a charm.

Have fun.
I am also looking for Skawla Patterns and ran across this one. Looks a lot like a Stimulator but I am told it is a pretty good pattern. I have also been told that adding an egg sac increases the effectiveness of the fly.

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That is a good looking pattern, easier than mine. I often think the simpler patterns work better on the fish than the attemps at th eperfect match.

Is that green chenille on the abdomen and tan on the thorax?


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The adult skwalas are running a 10-8. The nymphs are aboout the same size as a golden in the 10-8 range. The skwala is problly the third biggest stone fly on the Yakima behind the female shortwing stone and the salmon fly.
New to the forum so I thought I would just jump in on a fly pattern discussion. Try a bigger goddard caddis 10-14 on a 3x hook with spun olive hair and black or brown hackle. Forget the attenae. It works and when those fish that have seen a bunch of flies want it flush on the surface this pattern excels.