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"Chasing Riseforms"
Thanks guys. I should have been more clear. I'm not really looking to save money. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for fine craftsmanship & artistry. I'm looking for heirloom quality that I will tie on till I can't tie any more and give to my kid one day. I found several custom guys via google but was looking for other recs, maybe local or shops that are heavy on craftsmanship but not on the internet. Partnering with a great woodworker that doesn't make specialty desks on my own design was my other thought.

Being newly single, I figured a nice piece of furniture was a better investment than a red Ducati... ;)

Two front-runners I found on the web:
Those are pretty nice Thomas. I think the MORE drawers the better. I do like kenfishbums top/first pic. That baby has 28 drawers if I can count right. Nice maple he's got there too! If I were to have one custom built, I would look at a little portability if you have to move it around or in a move period. In other words, somehow separate sections of drawers that you can place back together in a unit. My $.02. I just moved!! Most of those drawers and setups are heavy and cumbersome.

Chad Lewis

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"Being newly single, I figured a nice piece of furniture was a better investment than a red Ducati... "

That is an entirely debatable statement Sir. Hard to go wrong with either....
The fine furniture is wonderful, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

I got an old craftsman roller cabinet two-tool box set at a garage sale, it holds all my stuff and is mothballable, and very practical, sits next to my desk where I tie. There's some really nice high end tool boxes out there, if you've got lots of stuff it's the only way I've seen to get rid of plastic boxes..
An office adjustable chair is all you need. Allows height variations for comfortable tying. I recently was gifted a roll top, and they are the awsome.

I am in the process of builiding my own tying bench right now. It is a corner desk with 5' on each side and my storage area is hung up on the wall. it may not be cheaper than buying one already made but you can customize it to your own specifications and what will make things easier and more enjoyable for yourself. Good luck on your hunt.