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I have a question about this ad... does the fly tyer come with the DVD? Sheeesh. If so, sign me up :D (it may not be a good idea to mention it to my wife)
Hmmmmmmm...I know his address.......wonder if he's loaded with $$$CASH$$$???

Anyone want in on this??

Oh wait...I know where he works....the cash-thing is probably out.

[Gene...your "secrets" are safe] ;)

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Why do you need special flies to use with those rods. Whats wrong with the flies you all use now. All you are doing is dapping them on the water. To entice the fish to bite.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Couldn't quite see what Gene was so excited about (didn't see the ad) until I disabled Adblock Plus.

Now I see why he said this is NSFW!

(Not Suitable For Wife) :D:p:D
LOL!! I dont think I would learn much if she was tying and I was watching that video...

OMJ, look at the bewbs!!!! Its not about the flies, its about the bewbs!!! Check your glasses :cool: