Swap damselfly nymph swap

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
Should be lots of nice swap flies based on the participants. Additional news: dfl gave his spot to steeli.

High Mountain Hunting (and fishing) Supply brought a bunch of tying supplies to our Tuesday fly club meeting and was selling it at blow-out prices. I got two bags of damsel olive marabou for my flies in the swap.


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I'm going with a sparrow-variation or an olive ostrich herl pattern.
Tying frenzy before the 4th...should have mine in around end of June.
Looking forward to seeing everyones!
I've got everything I need, just need to get tying. I've never really tied damsels before so I had to do some searching to find something that matched my tying ability. Settled on a simple marabou pattern. Think ill get started right now actually
Yeah despite all my bluster I've been fishing for six days, just back Sunday, took care of my yard and my gear, and got absorbed with a boat wood work project. Guess I better batch em out, eh?