Rod like loomis classic GLX?

The original glx rods suited my casting style perfectly.I absolutely loved the feel & action.I no longer have my glx rods but am ready now to acquire something exactly like that classic fast action.
Can anyone suggest a rod/rods that are very similar or better to this glx classic in action & feel?


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You can still buy new but they are two piece only. If you want four piece you probably search for used rods...there was a 690-4 GLX Classic for sale recently in the classifieds. Otherwise if you looking for fast action go to the fly shop and grab most any rod and they are likely to be identified as a fast action rod and test some out.
G Loomis GLX 9' 8wt 4 piece $300 +shipping
This is the older 'classic'. Used but in good condition. No original tube or sock, but a newer brushed aluminum tube and rod sock will be included.
I loved my GLX 9-6"' 2 peice 4 weight, unfotunatley it now resides on the bottom of the Columbia, could be all the way to the Pacific by now with any luck. Sad day for me and I never did replace it.