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Eyes to the sky...
I was using 25' of t14 to catch them this weekend. I feel like an idiot. I had huge poppers and a floater with me too. That video was rad.

Chris Bellows

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i usually fish the 25' of t-14... but when you pull up and see a large area of rockfish boiling on the surface eating crab spawn (or juvenile jellyfish... i wasn't looking too closely) you're gonna pull out the popper.

sometimes you can move rockfish you don't see to the big popper but usually it is better if you see the occasional boil on the surface. i lost a sage rod at this spot back in 1999 because i left a clouser hanging inches below the surface as i threw a rockfish in the cooler in the front of the boat.

haven't seen it like this since 99'-00', but it's 40 minutes of this kind of fishing that will always make me check it out on my way to and from fishing elsewhere.
I've seen that type of action a couple of times at Neah Bay, but that was before fly fishing entered my life. Great fun and thanks for posting video.

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Indi "Ira" Jones
I love that even after the hook was off he still could help but set the hook. But then he still felt the fish. Awesome, just awesome.