How to maintain a Minn Kota battery?


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This is what I been using the last few years and seems to work great. My 30 year old Sears charger was boiling my batteries dry. tender jr 12 volt
Those tenders work really well, i use them on 3 vehicles I dont drive often. For deep cycle you just have to make sure it has the automatic circuit that stops charging when full. I boiled 2 of those also with an old sears charger. Now I use something like this that has the automatic stop, trickle charge, and quick charge.
One of the most important points is to charge the battery as soon as possible, 12-24 hours. Keeping a lead acid battery charged adds a lot to the lifespan.


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I second Dons suggestion. Also I use my trickle charger mostly,it gives the battery a better charge and wont boil it over. I do have a bigger charger for fast charging also. now I just wish they could invent trees with power outlets for charging in camp! but than I do run a gas motor also. But love closing into spots with the electric and trolling with it and something has to run that knew expensive finder I just got! it doesn't take batteries. if you have a gas motor also you can see if it has the charging cable feature? mine does so I bought the cable and it helps charge the battery while driving long distances with the gas motor while on multi-day camping trips. I don't know if the gas motor will charge a dead battery all the way up? but I have noticed it will give it a lot longer life while camping.


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Make sure to maintain your water levels with distilled water. You can also add life by dropping an aspirin into each cell of the battery. I'm not sure why it works, but my brother who worked on generators with battery backup taught me the trick and my battery life lasts longer.


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Well these damn batteries do give me head ache when they run low. one aspirin for each cell and one for me. I'd never heard of that Ira!

learn something new everyday I guess!
maintain your battery by keeping it charged, fully . best to use a 3 stage smart chargers. like Schumacher brand smart chargers. keep it charged. keep it charged. keep it charged.
awesome podcast on batteries here for free.
all you ever need to know about batteries.

i also recommend the DVD on building an emergency battery bank and powering your house from a car.
worth the money if your looking for that info.

setting up battery bank to power my outdoor Theature.


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Keep it simple. Use your charger to fully charge the battery, then get either a battery tender or battery minder to float charge it from there on. Safest and easiest method I know.