Kauai in September


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Thanks for all the help and info, folks! Much appreciated.

Given that this is our anniversary and we don't have a lot of time on Kauai, I'm not sure how much fishing I can squeeze in but I'd sure like to try a bit!

If I could catch a bone......!!! :D


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Between sight-seeing, snorkeling (which the wife absolutely loves!) and having funny drinks with umbrellas, I'm thinking I'm only gonna be able to toss a few flies on a few beaches but I'm really looking forward to it! Been researching a bit more about Oahu too and maybe I'll try to find some fishing there (although I think it'll be more family time and not fish time!)

If I had more time I'd explore the freshwater opportunities on Kauai. Although this report is almost 8 years old, it really appealed to me: http://www.flyfishingconnection.com...y+Fishing+Trout+on+the+Koaie+-+Kauai,+Hawaii/

Now that sounds like a great trip!!


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Thanks for all the help and info, folks! Much appreciated.

Given that this is our anniversary and we don't have a lot of time on Kauai, I'm not sure how much fishing I can squeeze in but I'd sure like to try a bit!

If I could catch a bone......!!! :D
When I was there last month it was more of a vacation also, if you are an early riser and up with the sun (or your wife takes 2 hours to get ready to go to breakfast like mine) the fishing can be pretty good, for the first hour or so of daylight I had a lot of action on a popper on the beach right in front of our condo.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Well, here's the report on my efforts at Hawaiian fly-flailing.

Although the only thing I caught was one doozy of a cold (fortunately it only started to hit me on our last full day on Kauai) I really enjoyed getting skunked in those beautiful tropical waters!

I didn't get in as much fishing as I would've liked due to visiting with the daughter and son-in-law, snorkeling, kayaking, sun-bathing and just generally enjoying the tropical life-style!

On Oahu, the son-in-law and I fished for a couple of hours in Maunalua Bay (between Koko Head and Diamond Head) but neither of us found anything. He had both a bait and a gear pole and I was tossin' my 8-weight.

On Kauai the wife and I did go to Anini Beach but even tho' I packed the rod we spent the whole afternoon snorkeling.

I did get in a couple hours fishing the day before we left for home. The onshore wind was ripping pretty good where we were staying in Kapaa so we drove to the south shore.

I fished off the rocks at the Kukuila Small Boat Harbor Park, close to Spouting Horn.

When we first arrived we watched a local fishing off a small outcrop of rocks. That guy was amazing in how he balanced and danced on those rocks with big waves breaking over him! The wife said he looked like a ballerina!

I spoke with him for a few minutes when he came back to his truck as I was gearing up. He'd caught several nenue which, according to my research, are a type of chub. But they were fairly good-sized fish and he said they made good poke (both the wife and I love the ahi poke and had it for dinner 3 or 4 times while there).

I also learned that one should spend more than 4 or 5 minutes watching the wave sets in order to determine the best place to fish!

I wasn't about to wade out to the surf-pounded rock-pile he'd been fishing on but a flatter rocky area about 75 feet to the right looked more safe to me.

Yeah, right!

After casting for about 5 minutes, two succeeding waves hit me about chest high and it was all I could do to stay upright! I think I was fortunate not to get completely knocked down and sucked off the rocks!

After that I moved to a more protected area. I did have a few followers, one fish a bright orange/red color and a couple more that were dark-colored fish but no takers.

All in all, we had a great time! Although I've been to Oahu three times and Maui once, I think I like the laid-back atmosphere of Kauai best!

Now I'm just tryin' to shake this cold that's had me laid up for the last 6 days!

Well, I admit I did fish for a few hours last night off the beach near a local Kitsap creek. As lousy as I feel, it makes me feel more lousy not to be fishing! Lots of silvers jumping but I only had one small fish on for about 15 seconds before he came unpinned.

Edit: Oh, BTW, many thanks to all the folks who replied to this thread or PM'ed me with info about Hawaii fishing! I can't wait to go back!


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
In Kukuila harbor?

I think the small Kukuila harbor itself is closed to fishing but perhaps you're referring to another harbor?

I was fishing on the outside of the breakwater.
Talk to Jeff Delia (Delia's squid and many other great SRC patterns, as well as great oysterman, owner of Broadspit Oysters). He used to guide there.

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I took a trip to Kauai with my parents and brother, not long after we first moved to Oahu. Stayed at the big hotel on Nawiliwili Bay. Can't remember the name of the hotel, maybe it was the Kauai Surf? I think it was in the summer of '67 or '68.
Anyway, my brother and I saw some decent surf happening not far from the hotel, but we didn't have our surfboards along. No problem. We rented some funky old longboards from the hotel and paddled over into the line-up, where we proceeded to endear ourselves to the locals.:cool:

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I fished with Jeff Delia once over there. He would only remember maybe because it BLEW steady well over 20kts into our face, with gusts in the 40kt range. I remember Jeff telling me to cast farther. Yeah, right. I still wish I'd handed him the rod, "show me". Still, I had fun with him, and a young fellow named Nigel (I think). Nigel could walk through 4' or 5' of water like it wasn't even there, and incredible fish sight.

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If you can gain access to Hickham AFB through adjacent Pearl Harbor NSY on Oahu there are some very good flats at the mouth of Pearl Harbor with almost no fishing pressure. Kauai also has some decent flats but I'm not as familiar with that island. Check with Nervous Water Fly Shop on Oahu before you go for up to date details.


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heading out thursday to kauai, will the 7wt be outgunned by fish and wind? also, thinking of a shooting head set-up I use for surf perch. any help/advice would be appreciated.