camping this weekend... who's with me!!!

We're staying up at long lake this weekend, so if any members or lurkers are up that way, stop at camp or on the lake to say hi(maybe share a libation). As it's fly fishing only, and usually pretty full, I hope to see some takers. Two weekends ago the westslopes were really on fire!!



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That is a cool westslope lake and I have been thinking about getting back up there recently. If I was not already volunteering at the Kid's Fishing Day at the Winthrop Hatchery and delivering a new pontoon boat while in town this weekend, I'd be all over that invite.


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Triploid...I'd like to join the fun....coming from a late evening arrival....
Assuming you're camping at the National Forest campground on Long Lake?
Will be driving a Jeep with a yellow kayak on the roof...


Indi "Ira" Jones
I'm grading to beat all to finish up progress reports. I'm a definitely maybe.

Feel free to share the secret squirrel fly with everyone :)


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The one near republic(fly fishing only)
Isn't that the lake that they said was infested with angry beavers & surrounded with wolf dens!!! I have hade good luck with flys that have a hint of orange in them as the lake has a large amount of crawdads in it. Too bad I'm going to be tyed up at a family function in tonasket this weekend.
We'll be in the campground unless it's full up, like on memorial day. If it's full I have some secret camp spots nearby on scatter creek. Hope you can make it Ira, nuke I'll keep my eyes peeled for a yellow kayak.


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TJ, Save a few fish for us! We hope to get over on Tues or Wed and fish for the day. Please give a report when you get back and let us know what to expect. It looks like great weather for the weekend, hope you have a good turnout and great fishing.



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Met up with Brandon, Gretchen, and Keith at the campground. While rigging up, realized I had left my fly boxes sitting on the bench...4.5 hours south! Had 4 slumpbusters in the chest pack...and Brandon was kind enough to let me tie up a dry using his materials. Slumpbuster ruled the weekend...came home with only 1 of the four still in working order and the dry fly got destroyed yesterday evening.

Nice meeting you guys...will have to do it again...had an awesome time!