Winston rods?

Im looking for THE Winston rod,the best Winston models ever made(not bamboo).Those winstons that most agree are the classics.Please specify rod weight(eg 3,4,5 wt etc) and length.
Would appreciate feedback from the Winston fanatics...


Love vintage graphite!
These are the predecessors to the WT. They actually say IM6 on the blank with no other designation.
If the serial # is 43,500 or higher it is the same graphite as the WT.
The WT's are great rods but not as lauded as the earlier rods, pre 43500. If it has a trophy on the label the blank was made by Fisher and they are superb.

David Loy

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I used to tap into the Winston forum occasionally and the WT 586-3 (8'6" 5wt) is/was a perpetual favorite in their polls. I read a few posts there claiming it to be "the best graphite rod ever made" and that Tom Morgan spent an inordinate amount of time on that particular taper. I heeded the choir and bought one. It's not a distance machine but IS a very sweet casting (and fishing) rod. Probably my favorite all around trout rod. Other favorites there are some 4wt WTs but in various lengths. I've read numerous posts claiming IM6 superiority but I'm not sure if it's regurgitated pap (my suspicion) or something real. I doubt the mortal fisher could tell the difference. Either way, Winston moved on. More recent posts tout some of the Boron hybrid offerings. I cast a BiiT when it first came out. Very nice. I suspect I'd fall for some of the current lineup but at this point I'm happy with my stable.

Mike Ediger

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Not necessarily. It seems like there is usually zero or one person logged on to that forum most times.
Clearly it is a much smaller crowd, but they are the biased group you are trying to poll. Your question has been asked many times already, so over there you wouldn't even need to ask it again. Most of them are "top three and why" polls. Contrary to many people, I love reading what models other people love and why, so I find this conversation very interesting. In general, you may not necessarily get info as fast over there, but any time I have asked a question I have gotten good info, or I have found it just through searching.
Having said that, there is nothing wrong with you asking it here, and this is a different group, so best of luck. I love my two green sticks TMF and Biit (not counting the one ending in mx which I no longer have).


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check out len codello's web site....he usually has several older sages/winstons/loomis/scotts...etc, some are at decent prices too. Last time I checked they had several older winstons IM6's.