Flex Patterns

In a constant effort to catch more fish, and....well....to keep from getting board at the vise, I was scanning through some old tying mags looking for pattern ideas. Came across a pattern by LaFontain called a "Flex Hopper". This terminology applies to several patterns.

Question is; Is there a site that illistrates the tying of these flies, or gives the patterns?

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I dont have the pattern or a picture available to me at this point seeing that I am in school right now, but I am familiar with this pattern and I can tell yo it involves two hooks for the hinging or "flex" action. More later when I get home
I believe you can read about it in his book, The Dry Fly. He explains quite a bit and gives directions to tie several patterns. I know our local library has the book.

Although I have not tried them, I'm a bit of a doubter about the pattern. If you think about it, the real bugs can't move like that. Their neck is not flexible.

Not saying they wouldn't work, I just have my reservations.
I can sure see your point, when using the pattern for hoppers. I was thinking of tying stone flies with that technique. I've seen those things on the water wiggle all over the place.