Gotta love the neighbor's wife


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I was going to say I think one of the Ten Commandments has something to say about loving the neighbor's wife, but I see that you meant it in a different way. Looks like she got a good deal. Well, maybe you did too. Old wicker creels in good condition are just about impossible to find.

Love that old stuff, I used my dad's creel just like it as a kid. I've got a couple creels like that in my Montana lodge. I just found an old Hardy bamboo rod that will go into a showcase (after a few trout check it out).


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Wow! You're really taking me back!

I remember the old man having a black Martin automatic even tho' I can't remember him ever fly fishing. In my memory he was always still-fishing bait or tossin' bass plugs next to the lily pads.

And I really remember those Pflueger sliding split shot tins! I also can recall the old 2 1/2 h.p. Elgin we had where you had to wrap the separate rope starter cord around the plate on the motor top!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! :)