Neah Bay Trip


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Went out to Neah Bay couple weekends ago for a MUCH needed weekend trip. Spent 3 days out there in absolutely gorgeous weather, flat calm seas, and very willing inshore bottomfish. The first two days we saw massive signs of life - birds, smelt, jellyfish, mini crabs, shrimp. The fish were puking up all these goodies and had stomachs full of all kinds of different food. Needless to say, things were active. The last day things sort of died down a bit, and it looked like the food had cleared out. Most fish had pretty empty stomachs, but we still scraped away at quite a few fish.

I had my 10wt with me, and gave it a try as best I could. It was my buddies boat, and this was a gear fishing trip, so I didn't get to try the fly too much, but did manage a couple black bass and a few short bites. Had one actually chase it right to the surface and even jump out of the water after my fly as I picked up to re-cast.

30' of T-14 was a bit much, and I think I'll have to cut it down a few feet. I also learned that a stinger hook was very helpful with the bass. Didn't score any lingcod. Maybe next time.

Here are some of the flies I tried, with the 2nd and 5th from the top getting bites:

It was just amazing being out there. So hard to come back to the real world...