Older bamboo rod, 2 piece, surf casting???

This is one of those "the neighbor found it under is house during a remodel and gave it to me but I don't know what to do with it so now it's yours..." kinda things. It's a two piece bamboo rod, probably 40's or 50's, may be a "hardware store" quality rod or not. Don't know. It appeared to have a label on it at one time, long gone. There is script on it that says "North Point". It's about 8'10" long. Looks like a stout rod for it's time, whenever that time was. Regardless, it's one of those "now what do I do with it" kind of things. Anyone ever seen one of these before? Insights appreciated.



If someone didn't want to fish with it they could use the grip end to dip honey. Only 3 guides. Don't think it was meant for 4" brook trout (as cute as they may be). The finish is showing age but I don't want to touch it. It has... character. That's my excuse and I sticking to it. For now.
My wife is now suggesting I add it to the pile for a garage sale this weekend. That seems... cruel (to the rod). Cruel to me? nah... I'm used to it. Regardless, I may have to have this as an "object on an obtuse wall in the cabin" decoration. I tried looking up "North Point" online but, alas, no help. Dang...
I got an old bamboo trolling rod and it's a display item. Tell your wife "she doesn't understand"
I told her that 35 years ago... so far, it hasn't worked. I could cling to a glimmer of hope but, alas... I think it will go on the wall rather than be stolen, er..., sold for $15 at a garage sale and broken by a kid using it to swat bugs in the back yard.

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Grow a set, stick up for yourself. You can be single again and decorage with anything...even a beer bottlecap table.

If taking my advise ends up in singledom... then I disavow all responsibility.
I have a set. Golf clubs. Teeth. Chess. Dishes. Poker chips. Whine... er... wine glasses. Sizing dies. I have another set but I have temporarily forgotten what I am supposed to do with "them". Pondering...

Red Shed

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That I believe is a trolling rod. I've had a couple of them and fished with them in years past. Mate that with a big Pflueger Sal Trout reel and some leadcore or braided copper line and it would be a great setup. In a different lifetime we used those rods with big wooden plugs to fish for Lake trout.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Its a trolling rod. I still have a couple. One still set up the way my grandpa left it.

Red shed, i still have 2 old meat lines as you described set up still. Just mine are old fiberglass. Still has steel cable on it, used in Puget Sound.