8wt demo rods, practically new, CHEAP!!!!

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  1. All three of these rods were only cast for a review and have never been fished. As they are Demos the ability to warranty them may be limited. All three come with socks but no tubes.

    TFO TiCr X 9'0" 4pc, has a slight cosmetic blem in the wraps on one section 120.00 (sold)

    TFO Jim Teeny 9'0" 4pc 100.00(sold)

    TFO Pro 9'0" 4pc 80.00 (sold)

  2. ttt, pic of wrap blem added
  3. Sorry for the silly question, but are you referring to the loose spiral wrap on the female section of the tip? I have seen plenty of these rods wrapped just like that. Maybe I'm not seeing what you are referring to as the wrap blem.
  4. That is what I was referring to. I'm not that familiar with that particular model, but I wouldn't think thats normal.
  5. I think it is normal. My tip sections on two of my TFO rods look the same. I broke a tip (human error) and the replacement looked the same too. I have fished the one rod probably 30 days a year for the last three seasons and have had no problems with it. The other is a back up that was only used while I waited to get another tip. Great rods.
  6. sothereiwas-
    PM Sent on the ticr x

    Thank you
  7. Where is the review?
  8. yup thats factory :)
  9. Good to know, I have several TFO rods but none in that model, and they all have consistent wraps throughout.

    Happy shopping, Brad
  10. TTT new prices someone buy these damn things so I dont have give Ebay any business :rofl:
  11. All still available?
  12. PM sent of TFO Pro
  13. TTT, no one likes Jim Teeny, why am I not surprised :thumb:
  14. Picked up my Ticr x last night and it was as described, great dealing with you. Thanks.

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