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  1. I'm looking at all the options on spey rods right now. I have casted some demo rods and I 've got a pretty good idea as to which spey rod i want. The problem is trying to decide whether an 8wt or 9wt would be best. Keeping in mind that i would like to do some King fishing locally but mainly steelhead.
  2. Get the 9wt and if you catch a steelie, make sure it's big ;)
  3. I'd like to think i had control over that.
  4. An eight works just fine for steelhead,no problems on the Skagit,Skeena,Kispiox or the Thompson or summer kings on the Sky.
    For springers or other strong king's a ten weight is a good choice.
  5. Hmm... It would help to know what rivers. My home rivers are the Snoqualmie and the Sky, and I've been downsizing myself so I would say get a 7 and use a 10 weight single hand rod for the kings. Seriously having played a few kings on 9wt 14ft rods, I don't recommend it. It's just not that much fun for me. I like to land salmon a little green, get them to swim by close and pull a quick tail grab. Damn hard, or downright impossible on the long rod. Beaching them is the last thing i want to do.
  6. Words to the wise from the Philster. iagree
  7. Most of the anglers that I know are going to lighter systems-My personal thoughts are to go as light as you feel comfortable with-Usually you will get a lot more use out the lighter rods-What ever you choose,if you have the confidence in the outfit, your day will be much more enjoyable than if you are casting a stick that you do not really enjoy-only experience will be your guide.In closing,how many casts does the average angler make compared to how many hook-ups----as long as you are having fun,who cares.
  8. 9/10 wgt minimum for kings IMHO and that will not be enough
    for some of them. For some of them its "fuggedaboutit" nothing will
    be able to hold them. Fun trying though. :p


  9. thanks a lot for the info.
  10. In the big overall scheme of things I'm not so sure there is really that much difference between the two sizes. Maybe the length will differ a few inches but I don't think there is that much difference in the actual fishing.

    I still think the best advice is, "if you can only have one, make it a 14'-9wt".
  12. I still say-if it feels good do it-I would certainly go with Mike`s advice-other than you are the one doing the casting-after all is said and done you are the main man-GO with what feels the best to you-The fish will not care-Also,When you learn how to catch them on a regular days fishing,PLEASE let me know how to do it-Most of the time I seem to enjoy the casting practise-I am not as good a fisher as others on the board--But I can cast good enough to suit my needs,and I enjoy the sport-What more could I ask for-I am much like another of our members-I enjoy my little world!


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