9/1 report

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    My buddy Jon and I, as well as my choc lab 'Libby', trucked over to the eastside Monday night and hit the woods by 7:00 a.m for the grouse opener. We hiked at least 2 miles along a single track trail before flushing our first pair of blues, whose luck was better than ours! Walked another mile and decided to move further off trail and start working our way back. Best damn decision ever made! 20 minutes into our game plan all hell broke lose! We flushed 9 grouse in a 1/2 acre area, embarrassing part we depleted the population by 2. Flushed another 3 grouse 40 minutes later, but similar to many of the others were presented without a shot. It was very typical for the birds to flush 20 yards into a tree, and then reflush downhill or over the nearby drop off / cliff. All in all we had a great time for our first time hunting blues. Tried the lower elevations for ruffs, but did not see any. Libby did well, although we did not give her much to retrieve, but I do think most of the birds flushed do to her presence (if she we're not there I'm sure they would have let us walk right by).

    Enjoy the pics!

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    Sounds like all three of you had a great time. Good post and congrats.
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    Good going Andrew,
    Yup, blues will often flush downhill. At least you saw/got some. All I found were ruffed and many were still immature, one had to look for tail feathers before shooting...report to follow.