9' 2 piece 4 wt rainshadow FX

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Flip, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. custom made, never used, perfect condition. good fast action 45 million modulus. thread wrap is a gold/green. PENN international handle, gloss black finish. custom inscriptions available, if sold let me know what you want it to say and give me 24 hours! contact me via email or leave a reply

    willing to look into trades, make offers

    thanks, tom:beer1
  2. Which model rainshadow blank is it? Is it factory seconds?
  3. FX-904, no not fac seconds ( for once actually, alot of my rods are

  4. I'm not finding the model # in my catalog. I see the excel series RXF904 and the IF 904 but no FX. Is this a previous year model?
  5. its the rxf904, my bad
  6. Tom,

    I would like to look at it if you are willing to part with it for $50. Let me know. From previous posts you said you were only a mile away from Greg's Custom Rods and I am only 5 miles away. Tuesday after 3:30pm works for me.

  7. im in the reserve, south of downtown.. you?
  8. Sweet rod! I have one, and love it. But that's only if its a real IM7 rod, and not the IM8.

    Its my understanding that Rainshadow puts an X in the model to indicate IM8 blanks. No X, IM7.
  9. I'm located north of Everett between Arlington and Marysville.

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