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  1. Received a great tip on a lodge from CWUgirl almost exactly a year ago after she had posted pics of what seemed at the time an awesome weekend spent in solitude primarly casting and with the added benefit of some wing shooting.

    The lodge or shall I say cabin is situated in Barstow, WA. (a short 7-hour drive east from Bellingham), nestled in a 175 acre parcel with an outstanding CR trout pond! The cabin is far from "roughing it"...and if it wasn't for the log/timber construction, and location I would almost dare to call it a very nice 'house'. Among the cabin's amenities are a pier/raft with (aka "party barge") an electric trolling motor, row boat, and canoe.

    The lake seemed to be 2-3 acres in size and was DEEP...not sure how deep, but deep! All along the pond's edge was a shallow shelf that simply dropped off into the abyss, which seemed to be the 'spot' to drop your fly. Spent 90% of our time drowning pheasant tails (seemed to be the fly that worked the best), the other 10% was flinging a dry at the occasional cruiser in the shallows. Out of the 40 or more fish my father and I caught we can honestly say the smallest fish was 12", with the largest being around 7 pounds! Some faught like Kamloop bows...flying more than swimming, while others were simply bulldogs.

    As stated before the property is 175 acres, enough for some city folk to get lost looking for chicken of the forest. Didn't immediately hunt the property, but rather headed out to the Colville National Forest along 395 and spent some time looking for blues in the hills to no avail. Only to be greeted on the road back to the cabin by three individual coveys of ruffs! Grabed our guns and located the first covey deep in some cover and flushed four of the seven and dropped two...amazingly three stuck around and you could hear them calling each other, however, they managed to easily flush through the heavy cover to safety. Took our third just prior to sunset. Fifteen minutes later we had grouse for dinner paired with an excellent bottle of wine from "China Bend Winery."

    In all a great trip with my family! My three year old saw her first trout and grouse. My wife now understands why I dream of a small piece of land on the east side. My parents got to see another part of the state besides the west side. And I realized I've become my father of 30+ years ago waiting for my kid and father, tying knots, cleaning birds, and enjoying every minute of it!

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  2. Bravo Andrew, sounds like you had a great time...Stevens County ranks second in the state for numbers of grouse taken each year.

    Was this place named "Grampas" or something like that...?
  3. Roper it was "Little Moose Lake Lodge"...I believe the owner has a few lakes and one of them is "Dad's Lake" I believe.

    Cudos to you as well on the opening for grouse! The only other grouse I saw besides a ruff was a spruce or hen blue sitting on the side of the road at the burn area just before Sherman Pass. A few turkeys at the winery, and a shed moose antler.
  4. Sounds like a great trip. Great pics too. I especially like the one where your pup looks like she is trying to decide if she might be able to sneak a quick grab of that bird.
  5. I'm so jealous! It looks like you had a wonderful time. That "cabin" is nicer than most homes. I really liked relaxing on that back porch. I think on their website they say that lake is 10 acres. It's pretty small, but they seem to have no trouble keeping full of large hungry trout. Does it still just have rainbows or have they added any fish like brookies or tiger trout?

    In May I went to one of their other lakes- Horseshoe lake. It was just as awesome as Little Moose. The lake is about 30 acres and the house is bigger as well, but the total experience is about the same. The lake had rainbows to 28" (5 fish were caught by my group in 3 days that were over 26") and brook trout to about 21." The larger fish had a the typical brood stock look with rounded fins, but they put up some good battles.

    I'd plan to head back to Horseshoe this month, but I couldn't schedule it in. We could hear lots of grouse drumming while we were there in May... ohh well, next year.
  6. Nothing other than bows, supposedly the airrator (sp?) lost power or burned out and all the bass died a year or so ago, was told this by the Barstow Store owner. Explains why I saw numerous pictures of bass, yet never caught one.

    The bigger of all the bows did have rounded fins, is this from concrete rearing ponds?

    As for the grouse....didn't hear drumming, but did hear the faint sound they do make for the first time...sort of a very low, and short baawk pur. The last day I walked down the road with my gun to unlock the gate and heard the same noise, and sure enough two flushed without a shot...that sound is embeded in my mind now! I must have heard that countless times walking logging roads last year and didn't know what the hell it was!:beathead:

    Forgot to add a 'thank you' for the recommendation! Recognized the avatar but not the name change.
  7. Yeah, I had Chris change my name to my real name a couple months back- I graduated from CWU 5 years ago and it was time to let it go ;)

    Yep- the rounded fins are from the ponds they're kept in. Those broodstock fish are at least 4 years old and after years of living in those pens they can be pretty beat up.

    Grouse only drum in the spring time during their breeding season. Apparently it sounds pretty enticing lady grouse!

    I shot two grouse at that same gate last Sept! That road seemed to be a big attraction for them. It didn't matter if it was 8am or 3pm, there were always a couple grouse hanging around.

    Did you fish the Kettle river at all? I didn't last year and wish I had.
  8. We tried right at the bridge...it looked perfect, however, nothing happened and the effort was poor due to having a limited time. I wish that we would have fished in lieu of tromping around looking for non-existant grouse in CNF. Oh well....next time right?

    We at least saw 12-14 grouse!...tough bird to wingshoot that is for sure for a few reasons:

    - They didn't want to fly I walked among them in a clearing off the road...they just kept waddling around clucking and bawking or just starring at me as almost to say "whats with this idiot?" Felt as if I just walked into a chicken coop! Took a charge to get one to fly.

    - The ones that did flush you could hear, but not see, and the ones that you did see it was for a nanosecond!
  9. LOL, that pretty much describes all grouse!! It's like they believe they have a cloak of invisibility around them. Having a flushing dog helps, but they tend to scurry for cover and that also limits shooting opportunities.
  10. Thanks...makes my goal of getting one of every type of bird this year seem more or less impossible!

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