9 foot BAD CAT riverboat. 2 frames.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by jcalderon, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Looking to sell my pontoon in favor of a watermaster or packable raft. The toons are black 9 foot Bad Cat (same as Skookum.) I have personally only used the toon on stillwater, and they still hold air as well as new. The boat comes with two frames, the first is a kickboat style frame from creek co, and the second is the "steelheader" type with hard floor and swivel seat. Also, one set of creek company oars that are fairly banged up and one set of bucks bags oars that are in good shape.

    I also have an extra set of 10' creek co toons that I will throw in, so technically, you are getting 2 toons for the price of one, however the creek co doesnt have a stripping apron.

    price is 700 OBO for the set, or trade for watermaster.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. dude, what you're offering sounds like a steal!
    I already have a Skookum but your offer is awesome
  3. well it is a used boat, but the frame is new as can be.... oars are decent.... its the 9 footer... I figured most toons go for about half of the retail value...... and the creek co Im just trying to get rid of.
  4. What would you want just for the Creek Co toons?

  5. Papafish, If you have a reasonable offer, please PM me, otherwise, I am looking to get rod of the set oof pontoon craft in favor of one watermaster
  6. jc you gargantuan ass will sink a watermaster. when are we fishin agian?
  7. Zane....... Holler atta player! haha Dont worry, Im down to a slim 280 (290 after breakfast)...............PM me and lets get out on the water. How has pass been fishing? Im considering running out to Cle elum on sunday, Let me know if you want to go.
  8. this boat is girthy. i've put a few fish on it, it's sweeeet
  9. PM Sent :beer2:
  10. Dude, thanks for the deal. I'm looking forward to using the boat! :thumb:

    Hope to get on a river with you sometime! Maybe see you on the HOH ptyd

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