Black and Red


I found some old Spirit River dubbing that goes along with my olive and black mix but it is red and black.
The dubbing was called Lite Bite (a name I came up with for Spirit River when they sent me a sample :)) II, Black & Red.

For some reason, they dropped the Lite Brite II series so I guess I'll need to blend my own when I run out of the dubbing I have on hand.

This one is a nymph pattern that is a version of Jon's Generic... a simple pattern developed by John Hazen for use during the Spring to catch bass. Turns out, the pattern also works in stillwaters for trout. I decided if black and red is a good combination, I'd kick it up a notch:


While I was mess'n around with the ancient dubbing, I decided I may as well use it for a leech pattern. Maybe, as with the olive and black blend, the red and black might be a hit.


I have high hopes for both of these guys. We'll see. Stay tuned.